интерфейс конструктора проектов дополненной и виртуальной реальности EV Toolbox

Create and publish powerful augmented and virtual reality projects from scratch in a matter of hours in EV Toolbox — a multipurpose 'no code' software toolkit

Create AR and VR apps using one and only tookit

  • AR and VR toolkit

    All-purpose environment for developing augmented and virtual reality projects
  • Visual scripting (blueprint)

    No-code platform for designing AR/VR applications from scratch
  • All major AR/VR devices

    Build and upload projects onto target devices in just a couple of minutes
  • Publish AR/VR apps

    Powerful stand-alone apps that are easy to publish to online AR/VR app stores
  • Learning center

    Introduction to the basics of AR and VR: trainings and ready-made materials
  • Licensed software

    Built on proprietary mathematical algorithms and tracking systems

How EV Toolbox works

Create your own AR and VR for various purposes

AR and VR for marketing and sales
Your marketing and designers team will be able to create AR and VR applications themselves and use them as a marketing, sales and training tool. No need to pay for expensive external developers.

IDEAL FOR: retail, tourism, publishing, pharmaceuticals, architectural firms, gaming industry, advertising agency, exhibition industry and others.

AR for publishing

VR for edutainment

AR for museum

Augment souvenirs and printed materials: business cards, calendars and catalogs. Make WOW effect and build brand loyalty.
Dive into your own virtual worlds designed both to entertain and learn faster and more effectively.
Bring paintings and exhibits to life. Engage visitors, conduct museum tours using augmented reality.

AR for education

AR for exhibition

AR + VR + mocap for theater

Motivate students to learn new material in a playful way. Involve children in creating their own learning projects.
Augment static objects and layouts in order to involve visitors to interact with them and get memorable experience.
Create new immersive formats of hi-tech performances. Enhance traditional staging with AR, VR and mocap.

Apply AR and VR to any field

VR for training

AR for library

AR for sales

Simulate real worlds in VR to gain fantastic immersive experience, engage trainees and achieve higher educational results.
Add AR to books, albums, magnets and many other physical objects. Organize interactive games, workshops and activities for adults and children.
Create added value for your products with augmented reality. Advertise and sell more with AR! Use innovative approaches in marketing.
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