The  School of Real Deeds (SDR) is an educational competition of applied projects and research performed by schoolchildren and students. The cases for these projects are given by real employers and are aimed at solving specific tasks. 

Organizers: School of New Technologies, School No. 2086, Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University. 


The main idea of this contest is to involve schoolkids into the process of solving real business/technical/social/economic etc. cases and to create a useful product by the end of the contest term. The big advantage is that case managers are the representatives of real companies and they act as mentors to the teams helping them at all stages from an idea to the implementation of the product. 

Not only the kids get valuable experience in a chosen sphere but also learn to perform as a team, get expertise and feedback from their mentors and understand the project management process. 


EligoVision takes part in the School of Real Deed contest since 2015. Every year we offer several cases on creating useful educational, gaming or business projects in augmented and virtual reality. During 4 years of participation almost a hundred teams learnt about these technologies and started using them at schools. 

The projects are created in our AR/VR projects toolkit – EV Toolbox.


The contest lasts for 7 months from October to April. During this period the teams should perform many diverse tasks. 

In October the teams choose the cases they are going to work on throughout an academic year at a "Projects Fair" where all employers exhibit and advertise their cases. The real work starts in November when the teams meet with their mentors and get the first task. At several points within a project timeframe the employer introduces intermediate examination. If a team is weak or lost interest in the project it is excluded. Usually only about 25-30% of all teams make it to the finals.

Usually a team consists of 3-4 people. The following roles are advised:

  • an artist / designer – a person responsible for developing ideas and storyboards, preparing the 2D and 3D content (resources) for the project;
  • a marketing manager – a person responsible for performing surveys, analyzing the market, doing publiс relations;
  • a programmer / developer – a person responsible for creating scenarios in the EV Toolbox environment;
  • a project manager – a person responsible for distributing the roles within a project, monitoring the implementation at all stages.

There are typically 5 stages of completing the task in a case, each takes about a month:

Stage 1. Durint the first stage the study of the subject area and market analysis are performed.

Stage 2. This stage is devoted to EV Toolbox study – several master-classes are introduced by EligoVision so that all teams are prepared.

Stage 3. The detailed technical assignment and the AR/VR project scenario is created and tested.

Stage 4. Now it is time to start creating the project and developing all the materials for it, both digital and real.

Stage 5. The final stage is about implementation and AR/VR project testing which involved collecting users feedback and preparing materials for the project defence in the final.

At the finals the expert jury listens and carefully examines all the projects that are presented by the teams. The best projects get the highest markes and are awarded by valuable prizes.

We congratulate all dedicated teams and their tutors and we are waiting for the new 2019-2020 year to come with even more sophisticated SRD projects on their way! 

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