One of the most popular creative youth summer events – Forum of Young Artists of Culture and Arts "Tavrida" gathered talented animators and cinematographers in the beautiful Republic of Crimea this summer of 2019.

The art cluster “Tavrida” greeted the participants of the “Video content” shift (from July 26 to August 1) in Kapsel Bay near Sudak. Traditionally, the educational program of the forum included motivational trend sessions, meetups with speakers, thematic vocational schools where young creators learnt from their eminent colleagues. For the third year in a row experts from EligoVision took part in this forum. The company's participation this year was special. EligoVision's CEO – Sergey Matveyev led the interactive animation workshop within the framework of the Russian Animated Film Association.

Before the workshop started Sergey unveiled some of the secrets and shared his expectations on the upcoming shift:  “During this one week workshop we will combine creativity and interactive technologies а virtual and augmented reality. We will create animated 3D models and interact with them in real time. We will make a totally new product that combines both technology and art, something amazing that you have probably never even imagined”.

Preparation for Tavrida 5.0 forum started a few weeks before the first day of the shift: a number of internal meetings and discussion of the project, testing of the equipment, primary steps on combining the Motion Capture "Neuron" suit with EV Toolbox. Yes, now "Neuron" can be used in EV Toolbox to animate 3D models in real time!

In the sphere of cinema and animation, Motion Capture (mocap) costumes have been introduced for quite a time. However, the difference is that they are usually used in post-production, not in real time.

Our idea was to animate and interact with the character at the given moment in present time. At first this task puzzled our partners - mocap specialists. They used to rehearsing and practicing actors’ movements many times to achieve the perfect result in moving the 3D model on the screen. At Tavrida we wanted to create something totally different. We strived to perform on stage in real time!

During the first days of the shift, the participants chose a plot and presented several scenarios for the animated interactive project.  The plot was based on the tale of Lewis Carroll "Alice in Wonderland". After all 3D models were designed and animated the team started testing them in real time in a virtual scene in EV Toolbox with the mocap costume on.

Special recognition should be given to the 3D modelers! They were the backbone of the team of our workshop. For four days five people day and night created and animated fantastic models and environmental elements for our project!


So how does EV Toolbox and the Motion Capture suit work jointly in real time?

The virtual scene overlaps the coordinates of the real space where the actor in a mocap costume is working. The costume tracking system determines the position, orientation and all actor’s movements, allowing us to perform various actions sequences in the virtual scene. The non-linear logic of the project is constructed in the visual scripting editor - a scenario in EV Toolbox. For example, an actor can move in real space, while his digital twin character on the screen moves on another chess cell in virtual environment, triggering a new action. Thus the digital character can interact with 2D and 3D objects of the virtual environment transforming them into something extraordinary.

Our participants and workshop experts had to get used to move in the costume and correlate their movements with different 3D models that were designed for this interactive animation project, reincarnating into them in real time. It wasn’t easy but it all paid off!




On the last day of the project shift at the closing ceremony we presented the results of our work - Aigul Zakirova, a professional choreographer, played four characters from the tale: Alice, Caterpillar, Soldier-card and Queen on the big stage in real time. This performance impressed all the organizers, experts and participants of the "Video Content" shift!

In this amazing interactive project not only we showed the audience the possibilities of mocap technology, but also proved that it can be efficiently combined with interactive animation where multivariate scenarios and plots can be embodied into one presentation in real time.

Such technologies have immense opportunities being used in the sphere of art, cinema, animation, theatrical performances where an actor can play many different characters  transforming into them on the stage both in digital and in real worlds. Now this technology became available to any of us with the help of the mocap costume and our AR & VR projects toolkit – EV Toolbox.

Shall you have questions on Tavrida and our interactive animation workshop, feel free to ask Valeria Kholodkova, marketing director at EligoVision:

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