Abilympics is an international movement for сonducting professional skill competitions for people with disabilities in order to guide them professionlly and socially.

Since 2017 EligoVision has been actively involved in the regional and national championships Abilympics as an employer of the new competence "A developer of virtual and augmented reality".

The representative of EligoVision – Valeria Kholodkova — is the chairman of the Expert Council, as well as a certified General Expert of the National Championships of 2017 and 2018. The participant of the championships at all levels up to the National Championship develop augmented and virtual reality in the AR/VR tookit - EV Toolbox.


2017 was the year when the new competency was first introduced to the National Championship, and to the big organizers surprise it attracted huge interest at the first regional contests in Moscow already in May, 2017. It was held on the site of Russian State Social University (RSSU) – the headquarters of Abilympics Russia.

Later during the year two more regional contests were held and as the result the seven prizewinners took part in the National Championship in December 2017 creating their first augmented reality projects! 

A schoolboy from Moscow – Anton Ilyin became the national winner in the competency "A developer of virtual and augmented reality". 


In 2018 the competency continued to develop in the Russian Federation, expanding to four regions and into two categories: Schoolchildren and Students. Moreover, preliminary qualifying competitions were held in Moscow, since 18 people applied for participation!

In addition to it, the Expert Council for this competency was formed and Valeria Kholodkova – marketing director at EligoVision became its leader. The Expert Council updated and finalized the competency official documentation, the representatives of the employer company EligoVision conducted trainings and took part in the qualifying regional contests.

By the end of the year schoolkids and students from four regions of the Russian Federation took part in the IV National Championship Abilympics which was held on November 20-23, 2018. Contests were held in two days on the main site of the Championship – pavilion No.75 at VDNH, Moscow, Russia.

Anton Dushka from Moscow became the winner among schoolchildren!

Nikita Levchenko from Orel took the first prize among students! 

IV National Championship Abilympics became the most popular in Russia. It brought together more than 1 200 people between the ages of 14 and 65 from 83 regions of the biggest country in the world!


This year we are actively widening the competency coverage across the Russian Federation as well as inviting the neighboring countries to join the movement (such as Belarus Republic).

By summer 2019 four regional contests were held in different age categories in the Republic of Karelia, Orel region, Bashkortostan Republic and Moscow. And 5 more are coming this autumn so we are expecting more qualified participants both competitors and experts in V National Championship Abilympics this November in Moscow. 

Shall you have questions on how to join Abilympics or interested in learning more about the competency "A developer of virtual and augmented reality" feel free to contact us via email or call us at +7 495 740 08 16. 


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