3D BOOM JUNIOR: ⁠"SmARt by-time with Augmented Reality"

In 2019-2020 EligoVision took part in the project designed specifically for elementary schoolchildren - 3D BOOM JUNIOR contest.


The main purpose of 3D BOOM JUNIOR is the cultivation of engineering capabilities of schoolkids, as well as other skills such as spatial and creative thinking, 3D modeling, prototyping and scanning and AR and VR programming and design. The contest was launched in 2018 with 4 nominations. In 2019 EligoVision introduced a separate nomination devoted to creation of AR games and AR toys - "SmARt by-time with Augmented Reality". 

Kids of the 4th and 5th grades were invited to form teams consisting of a project manager, designer, modeler and programmer. Of course each team was carefully and wisely guided through the contest by an experinced elementary school teacher. The young contestants got acquainted with augmented reality technology, product modeling, the basics of game design and the design of mobile applications. 

The main idea of this nomination was to create a board game or an interactive toy based on the 3D models designed in TinkerCad and later printed out on a 3D printer. The icing on a cake was to develop a simple and useful augmented reality application in EV Toolbox toolkit to supplement the idea of a game. Edutainment (or "learning by playing") was one of the most important principle to keep in mind when designing the project.


The contest was split into two big parts: 1. qualificiation stage (semi-finals) and 2. the finals.

In early December 2019 the semi-finals took place in a number of schools involved into this contest. At this stage teams needed to present the preliminary results of their work, explain the purpose and principle of the project and demonstrate the prototype assembled from improvised materials: cardboard, plasticine, etc. Experts also evaluated the AR apps prototypes that many of the teams presented as well. As a result 16 teams passed the qualification and stepped into the second stage!



1st of February was the BIG day. The teams that made it to the finals faced an extremely hard task: they had only 5 minutes to present all the results, to demonstrate their AR project and to answer all related questions asked by the jury. 

The experienced experts asked tricky questions, checked the AR applications, carefully examined games prototypes as well as 3D printed models and toys. All projects presented by the finalists turned out to be unique and very captivating and what's more important - many of them have already been tested and implemented in the school edutainment environment! 

One could examine his knowledge of the Russian language or solve orthographical puzzles in augmented reality. Others could learn interesting facts about ecology, flora and fauna of Russia or travel through the Antarctics accompanied by a cute penguin. Should you have wanted to send the satellite to the outer space - that was also possible with the help of AR technologies! 

15 brilliant projects were demonstrated skillfully by the youngsters and evaluated neatly. And on the same day the three contest winners were awarded on the big stage.

Let's congratulate the winning teams:

1st place - School #1793 with the project “Board Game-Quest“ 200 Years of Antarctica”.

2nd place - School #1474 with the “3D Rebus” project.

3rd place - School #1363 with the project “Board Game“ Alphabet ”

All 3D BOOM JUNIOR contest participants received great prizes, and the winners got valuable gifts from the organizers: Moscow Department of Education and Science, State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education “TemoCenter” and the project “School of New Technologies” and EligoVision.

We thank all the participants and heartly congratulate the young winners!

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