EV Toolbox is a proprietary solution of a Russian based hi-tech company EligoVision Llc.

Since 2005 we develop and market unique interactive 3D technologies and create virtual and augmented reality systems.

In 2013 we received the status of IT-cluster residents of the Skolkovo Innovation Center (Moscow, Russia).

We create interactive 3D visualization based on AR and VR technologies for B2B and B2C segments. We work with mobile and wearable AR and VR devices, as well as with large multi-screen display systems and projections.

Our main assets are intellectual property and “know-how”. For AR and VR, we use our own SDK and development environment, as well as our own patented tracking system.

You can learn about our commercial projects at www.eligovision.com.

AR/VR projects toolkit named EV Toolbox is our second major project. It is the first and the only toolkit of such kind developed in Russia so far.

With its help literally anyone can create complex projects based on AR and VR technologies having zero programming skills.

Since 2015 we are actively engaged in promoting and implementing AR and VR technologies in education.

EV Toolbox is widely used in kids technology parks across the country, in schools, colleges and universities. We help to organize educational contests, hackathons and professional skills championships where participants (kids mostly) create comprehensive AR and VR applications using EV Toolbox.

Get acquainted with our educational projects in a special section of the site here.

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