This format involves actively exploring the capabilities of EV Toolbox under the guidance of an experienced expert teacher from EligoVision. The content of the training (thematic curriculum) is agreed on in advance with the customer, based on his specific goals and needs.

For example, for representatives of the sectoral scientific community, our experts have specially developed a mobile augmented reality application that works on the pages of the journal, which the community publishes quarterly.

The teachers of the RANEPA studied the work in the designer using the example of the previously created mobile AR application for the new curriculum of the Academy "Digital Technologies in Commerce".

Thus, at the end of the course, the student receives not only knowledge and skills in the designer, but also a working AR and / or VR project for their tasks, as well as detailed feedback on any issues related to the use of these technologies in their future professional activities.

Individual training can be conducted at the EligoVision office (if one person is trained) or at the customer’s site. In the case of travel outside of Moscow, travel expenses are additionally paid. On the training from the company comes one expert.

For the duration of the training, we provide one computer (subject to training at the company's office), mobile and wearable AR / VR devices for testing the created projects, a temporary license for the EV Toolbox Advanced educational version. If desired, you can use your own laptops, which will be installed a temporary license for EV Toolbox Advanced Edu and personal / work mobile devices.

Individual full-time training

Course duration

12 ACH

16 ACH

24 ACH

Pricing (per mini group)


$1 290

$1 740


The group training format assumes the work of two expert teachers from EligoVision and is on-site.

In this case, minor changes are made to the thematic plan, based on the overall objectives of the organization that orders the training. With group training it is also possible to develop a simple thematic AR and / or VR project and its detailed analysis in the classroom.

The main difference between working in a group and an individual course is that only the active part of the participants in the training will fully master the product and receive detailed feedback. Therefore, we strongly advise you to conduct initial testing for the presence of interest and motivation to learn, as well as the willingness to work quickly and efficiently. In this case, the student achievement level will remain high.

Required qualifications:

  • Our experts travel to your site (Moscow)*;
  • one PC / laptop for each participant is required;
  • we provide all participants with a temporary license for the EV Toolbox Advanced educational version;
  • large screen / display in the audience is required;

* If you are outside of Moscow, travel expenses are paid additionally.

Group full-time training (3-6 persons)

Course duration

12 ACH

16 ACH

24 ACH

Pricing (per group)

$1 190

$1 590

$2 190

Group full-time training (7-10 persons)

Course duration

12 ACH

16 ACH

24 ACH

Pricing (per group)

$1 390

$1 790

$2 390


To order a training course, write to us at and indicate the desired training format. We will contact you for further details as soon as possible.


In autumn 2019 we are launching distant educational courses on online platforms. They will cover different topics and will be of varied levels of complexity (from basic to advanced) and duration: from 6 to 24 academic credit hours.

The cost of online learning will vary from $50 to $300 per student. During training you will complete different assignments in a convenient pace as well as receive prompt feedback from our experts and get answers to your questions.

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